Are you exhausted and overwhelmed by the pace of new technology?

Are you growing more obsolete with every passing week?

Feeling trampled by the march of progress?

Are you getting older and wiser or just older?

Would you rather:

Learn things worth retaining (and retain the things you learn!)

Experience an upward spiral of new opportunities

Be confident in your skills

Get maximum return from minimum effort

Reignite the joy of technical work

Master things you thought you could never do at all

Be always employable.

Evergreen Skills for Software Developers
is a small and tightly-focused Book

At DDD Brisbane

Written by Joseph Cooney and Leon Bambrick — two burned-out computer geeks who have been making career mistakes, collectively, for 40 years — it was originally created as a talk for the Developer-Developer-Developer conference in Brisbane.

When the material turned out to be more valuable than we'd originally expected, we decided to capture it in book form.

This book helps you learn the right things at the right time, and retain them for longer.

We provide the following:

Investment Strategies

Learn to make wise investments in your knowledge portfolio. With limited time and unlimited new technology, you must choose wisely.

We'll help you diversify your investments and make effective long-term decisions.

Knowledge Framework

A system for categorizing the skills you will use throughout your career. Helps you spot weaknesses in your knowledge, improve in areas that are relevant to career transitions you wish to make, and find ways to win even when you're stuck in a dead-end situation.

Tools for evaluating technology

We provide practical and surprising techniques you can use for deciding which technologies will win or lose, and which parts of a system will provide the greatest value to professional developers.

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